June 04, 2013

The Good News

As you may have realised we ran the Bloggers Connecting get together on a shoe string budget. Everything we could do ourselves we did and what we couldn't we didn't ... or we shopped around and did as cheaply as possible.

and at the end we had money left over!! Can you believe that?

I put it down to the genius and administrative skills of Juliet and Treena and the fact I'm as cheap as they come (in a slow to part with money rather than a quick to part with morals kind of way)

so all this meant we could refund the registration fees for all our lovely speakers.... SO thrilled to be able to do this and so appreciative they were all willing to come anyway.

So here's to tight budgets and even tighter onesies!

The lovely Maria is planning to put together a wee before and after selection on how things have changed for you since the get together so watch out for an email coming your way.


  1. That's great news! Well done team.

  2. Fantastic - you guys did such an amazing job to get everything organised on the small budget. I hope there'e enough left over for all the organisers to get a wee something? Wine and choccies maybe?!


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