June 19, 2013

Blog befores and afters

Miriam's post after the bloggers weekend was very true for many when she said in this post  "I think I may be correct in saying that many of us are camping at 'meh' (also known as 'blah') about our blogs just now. So I wanted to say - you are not alone"

Some bloggers made changes - both visually and content-wise and some of us are still in 'meh'

Maria had a great idea. How about we see what changes people have/haven't made after the bloggers connecting weekend.

We have added to the header on the blog next to the Contact page - Blog before and Afters. Enjoy having a looksy at what others have done with the awesome before and after shots of their blogs!


  1. I would do this but I didn't take a before shot! Although I have planned another overhaul so watch this space...

    1. That's alright - we've already got your before screenshot ;)

    2. Lauren,

      You can use: http://archive.org/web/web.php


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