May 15, 2013

Next Stop Meh

Hi Lovelies I had one thing to tell you but then I decided to turn it into a far less interesting and longer post - you know because I like to work to my skill set :o)

So we came to Around the Table. We got a name badge (or 3), we made new friends, we got our people fix for about 3 months (depending which side of the extrovert coin we live on), we learnt new things, we talked blogging....

we were inspired

next stop - MEH

I think I may be correct in saying that many of us are camping at 'meh' (also known as 'blah') about our blogs just now. So I wanted to say - you are not alone.

All those skills you were racing home to use just seem like a great big obligation staring out at you from their neglected eyebrows?? Yeah me too.

Plans to go pro and make it beautiful turned to questions like 'seriously I don't even have anything tedious to say - it's just a big well of no ideas'.... see we understand each other

of course the fact that many of us are 'glamping' at meh doesn't make it feel any less tiresome when we can't even be bothered to get enthusiastic about our reading list

here's my top tips while at meh:

  • get some fresh air
  • watch something new on TV
  • go to a cafe and talk to someone real (and try to take a photo of someone without them realising, especially if they are picking their nose - harder for large camera users I realise)
  • and if all else fails ban yourself from blogging until the desire to read and write keeps you awake at night and then write something that seems deep and profound at 1am but just turns out to be strange and badly spelled at 10.30am the next day
as you can see I am of no help at all

I find chocolate and marshmallows a very good cure all to many problems 

I'll be back some other time with the news (maybe in 5 minutes - it depends how the mood takes me)

I'm sure before we all know it we will have moved from meh to marvellous darling xxxx

Peace out  - love you more than a pink pascall marshmallow filled with Green and Blacks dark chocolate - yes I really do xxxxx


  1. Oh YOU!
    (love the way you write this - so totally Miriam; funny quirky and TRUE)



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