April 11, 2013

Twas The Night Before the Get Together...

and all around my place 
the surfaces were shining thanks to Widgy - she's ace!

new sheets were put all neatly on beds 
where bloggers I'm billeting would soon rest their heads 

the baking is tempting me to try it all 
the team are all hoping you will have a ball 

visions of alarms set-off raced round in my head 
as I do a final tidy before going to bed 

all round the country bloggers are packing their bags 
and will wave their goodbyes to strung-out looking dads 

some had bought onesies and some a new dress 
and the billeters all hope you'll over-look their mess 

the goodie bags wait all sweet in a row 
piled high in Sophie's car boot, all good to go 

spot prizes wrapped and stacked up just beside 
and bloggers reminded if they had promised some rides 

alarms being set for the early fliers 
and checking of petrol for those coming on tyres 

fun, friends and laughter we hope to achieve 
and a new excitement for blogging in which to believe 

so pack in your name tag, your gift, something warm 
and bring your most friendly, blogger-meeting form 

we'll see you tomorrow our bloggers, our friends 
and here's to a wonderful, fun-filled weekend


  1. woooohoooo. Its finally happening!

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  3. Argh! Is this seriously tomorrow!!?? :O

  4. Yay!! Love this (especially the strung out looking dad bit... and the onesie bit - haha!). See you soon!!

  5. This is so cute! Cant wait, its going to be a blast and well done to the amazing team for all their hard work - you will be so excited to see it all come together tomorrow :-)

  6. Petrol! Thank you for reminding me to fill up before I leave!! Great poem xx

  7. Love the poem! (and the strung out dad!)

  8. So excite!

    Won't see all your lovely faces until Saturday (babysitters etc, y'all know how it is) but absolutely can't wait!

    Safe travels xo

  9. Can't wait. Christchurch ladies - how cold is it??? Packing now!

    1. it was beautiful and hot today but the mornings are cold ;o)

    2. Thanks Miriam. I'll come prepared for both. :)

  10. So excited, and so sore, Big Baby is not being kind tonight! Shouldn't leave everything to the last minute in 3rd trimester x

  11. haha... strung out dad!... Looking forward to meeting you all. x

  12. Oh my goodness! I hope I sleep well tonight - I'm so excited!

  13. Love the strung out dads comment! Even though I am in Christchurch, my husband will be looking after the kids a lot of the time. I suggested he take them to the Pet Expo this weekend, so if anyone is looking for something to do with wayward children that might be an idea.

  14. Yay! Looking forward to meeting you all at dinner tomorrow. Kinda wishing I was coming to the whole weekend now - sounds like you guys are going to have tonnes of fun!

  15. Brilliant poem and I'm in total awe of all the amazing organising and the event you put on. It all sounds incredible. Well done!

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