April 10, 2013

So We're Making (small) Ripples

Want to read about the Press perspective of our get together?


What do you think?

Don't read the comments section though unless you love those kind of 'my 2 cents worth' from people who love to add their 2 cents regardless of what they know ..... just sayin :o)


  1. woohoo!! FAME!

    and I just HAD to check out the comments after that, I never normally do haha
    what a couple of weirdos...

  2. Not too bad, and I actually looked good! The comment people seemed to be a bit weird, and somewhat uneducated; no-one blogs? If that's the case why am I following several hundred blogs?

  3. everyone has a opinion on the internet x Great work Ladies!

  4. Looking good, ladies! As for the comments...yeah...if they don't get/like blogging, why did they bother to read the article? Each to their own...

  5. go you guys!! well done!

    argh...dumb for the commenters... Im sure they are just insanely jealous. If NO ONE blogs anymore - why am I struggling to add the 500 odd blogs to Kiwi Bloggers??? and that's just the mummy ones!

  6. Awesome article - well done ladies :)

  7. Who are those noddies???
    Obviously clueless.
    And who edited the article... loads of typos!!
    "Nobody blogs anymore"... oh really???
    thanks for the warning.
    I voted down a few comments hahaha!


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