April 05, 2013

Hello Melissa

Melissa's blog is a great place to stop for inspiration. She is one of those people who seems to be effortlessly stylish and wears pregnancy beautifully. Do pop over and say hi to her and the bump.



My name is Melissa Jack

Where do you live? Riverhead, Auckland

What are 5 words that describe your blog? Haphazard, irregular, narcissistic? Lol. I try and be organized and plan my posts etc but life gets in the way. So does sleep.

Why did you decide to come to this get together? I love the idea of being part of something from the very first event! There are so many exciting blogger conventions overseas that are out of reach for most of us down-under bloggers that supporting a locally organised event was irresistible.

What do you most hope to take away from the weekend? New friends! Blogging can be lonely, continuing to blog year after year can be even lonelier. I am SO excited about meeting you all.

What is your biggest hurdle to coming? My huge pregnant belly.

Do you know any of the other bloggers who are coming? No, I have never met a real, live blogger. I'm a bit scared.

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert, oh how times have changed. The older I get the harder I find it to meet/connect with new peeps.

If you were to participate in a reality TV show or competition TV show – what would it be? And why? I have actually been on a game show! A one season wonder with Jason Gunn called The Rich List - you may know me from answering such staggering questions as listing 13 former Soviet states {true story}.

Have you been to Christchurch before? (unless you live here of course!). Once, for a gymnastics competition when I was 12 so I have hazy recollections of a gymnasium and freezing temps. It's going to be lovely visiting somewhere new.


  1. Wow, a real live game show! (I do like Jason Gunn!) Looking forward to meeting you - I think there'll be a good collection of Bumps there, yay!

  2. Yay for meeting your first real live bloggers! They're a great bunch you know!!! Will be lovely to meet you.

  3. You're in Auckland! We must get you to our meetups! Looking forward to meetin you and your Belly!


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