March 12, 2013

Welcome Alex

Alex is a genius interior designer. For a while she belonged to Christchurch and we're super excited and a little bit star struck (;-)) to have her company. Check her out!


My name is Alex

Where do you live? Blenheim, Marlborough

What are 5 words that describe your blog? Homes and things with colour

Why did you decide to come to this get together? Blogging can be a lonely sport so it's a great chance to mix and mingle with like-minded good-sorts.

What do you most hope to take away from the weekend? Answers to questions you can only get from those who have been-there-done-that. I'm a curious mind that loves to know what others do and how they got there and where they are going next!

What is your biggest hurdle to coming? Time. I blog, I'm a Mum, a wife, and I run my own design business. I wish I could sleep less, and therefore have more time!

Do you know any of the other bloggers who are coming? Megan from Mousehouse (only virtually)

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? Depends what I'm doing. Once I warm up I guess I tend to extrovert end of the spectrum. I can be a bit shy at the start...

If you were to participate in a reality TV show or competition TV show – what would it be? And why? Anything to do with interior design, crafts and DIY. That's my thing. That's my love, my passion and I'm good at what I do. Give my something to 'makeover' and I'm there!

Have you been to Christchurch before? (unless you live here of course!) I lived there for 7 years before moving to Blenheim last year. We were in Sumner and we still own a house there. I miss it, BUT we are loving the Marlborough lifestyle!


  1. looking forward to meeting you in real life Alex! Megan

  2. Haha, I wish I could sleep more than I do as I dont seem to be gaining time from the lack of sleep! Looking forward to meeting you!


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