March 25, 2013

Things You Can Do With $5

So maybe you can build cathedral out of cardboard but apparently even that can't be done for $5!!

So if you have no creative inspiration or all these 'creative types' are making you grind your teeth and give yourself a headache..... here's my pick of ways you could put together a $5 gift to accompany your name tag.

Chocolate - really it's pretty simple - we are women someone is bound to be at the give-me-chocolate-or-I-will-bite-you stage of the month. Perfect for everyone unless they are dairy free or otherwise cannot partake

Soap - it smells nice, we all need it and for $5 there are some sweet ones to be found in the supermarket, your local pharmacy or better yet a local market - lavendar is my favourite scent (just sayin)

Second Hand Magazine - do you subscribe to a magazine? If you do and you've all ready read it then this could be a sneaky way to give an over $5 but I didn't pay more than $5 gift (clever!)

Stationery - who would turn their nose up at a post it pad and cute pencil? Not me :o) Plain notebook and inky pen..... perfect for doodling in

Cup cake cases - perfect for the food lover and you might even be able to stretch to a canister of sprinkles too - provided you don't have expensive taste in sprinkles

Toothbrush - they might have forgotten!!!! okay this is totally not cool....

Lollies - little sugar hit of love

Second hand book - (clearly I believe in second hand gifts!) share your favourite author with another

Re-Gift - an excellent way to pay forward that bra and knicker set your hubby bought that was the wrong size  that lovely hand cream you won't use because of your sensitive skin (I also like manuka honey scent)

Bubbles - magical, fun and'll have to decide if they would fit this category

Crafty Bits - paired with a crafter? - ribbon, lace, second hand knitting needles, thread, hoops, stamps.... many options

Baking - provided baking is your thing - large jar /old tin + your home baking = LOVE

Coffee Voucher - just make sure they have the same one where they come from

Mug and Tea Bags - perfect to say 'take a break lady'

Nail Polish - look around there are often fun options for a fiver

Seeds - for the garden lover

Pinterest - be inspired by the things they love - colours, quotes, images...

(If you are going to do something foodie have a good squiz on their blog and check you aren't picking something they can't enjoy.) Are you feeling inspired? Or are you just annoyed I stole your idea.....

 maybe your partner won't read this post!!??!!

PS - 18 more sleeps to go!!!!


  1. Just finished making my for my swap partner :D Feeling rather proud (just hope they like what I made)

    1. oh go you! I'll be doing mine the night before at this rate!

  2. 18 sleeps!!! waaaahhhhhh! so close!


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