March 03, 2013

Scissors, Glue and Sticky Tape

With the ways things are moving along it won't be long before the blog address and name of another blogger pops into your email with the ominous information 'Make a Name Tag for _____________'

Oh no you cry I'm not a crafter

This is blogging discrimination!

How can you put me under so much pressure?

Because I may have been part of the group that made this decision on your behalf, I felt the need to provide you with some low-level inspiration so you can have an option to whip up on April 11th while packing and cursing those crazy girls that think name tags are a good idea.

(for the record I never stick name tags on my chest it just feels too much like I am labelling one bosom and leaving the other one out. It also feels weird to cop a look at someone else's just to get their name. 'Do excuse my surreptitious stare at your lovely breast I'm just trying to work out who the heck you are'..... I digress!)

Today's offerings are:

the 'Press Pass' - 1 packet of felts $2, one hastily scribbled 'funny' text, 1 cord found around home, 2 knife slits in packet (one injury we shall not speak of) = 1 totally awesome name tag for an artist or journalist wannabe!

the 'pencil hexy' - requiring on small hacksaw, one packet of cheap pencils, some hot glue and a brooch back. Aside from the hack saw these can usually be purchased from a dollar type shop. Add in some RSI from small cutting, label with vivid and you have a slightly odd and hard to read name tag = Perfect for the stationery lover who doesn't mind people going in for a closer look.

the'Measure Me Up' - made with the sewing blogger or stat obsessed blogger in mind. This doozy involves finding a left over plastic name tag holder, purchasing a pack of tape measures ($2 for 3 at a nearby dollar store), cutting them and sliding them in. Add one name in vivid = a loud and proud this is how I measure name tag.

finally the 'Sharpest Pencil in the Box' name tag  - perfect for a girl who's sharp, bright and optimistic and has a little thing for stationery. Hot Glue, small hack saw, brooch back, vivid and a piece of white sticker from the edges of a sticker book = A totally do-able and might I add kinda-cute name tag.

(No bloggers gave permission to be defamed in this series. Their shame is entirely on my shoulders...although I plan to take no accountability for may be next. Any reference to the type of blogger it suits is entirely unrelated to the person's name I picked.). Of course the modelling shame just shows I have no shame!

I shall bring you more awesome and totally-not-awesome offerings in the weeks to come.

If you want other ideas by people who put in more effort check out our pinterest board.

And on Thursday I'm totally linking in with Leonie's Crafty Show n Tell - let's share my less-than glorious creations! :o)
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  1. Love that you used my name! And impressed that you had the right amount of pencils and letters :D

  2. you know I'll be expecting to see you wear it!!! ;O)

  3. Replies
    1. why thank you!! I'm actually a fit model for an amazing NZ designer. I think she chose me for my ability to pose? No??

  4. You crack me up! Love the photos :-)

    You are so funny (and clever too)
    I could totally hear your "voice" in this post.

  6. I agree with juliet you crack me up too!!! definately had a giggle!! :) Brilliant ideas x

  7. oh ladies - so happy to be available for your entertainment!! How you stroke my ego :o) xx

  8. have the name tag e-mails been sent out? haven't received anything and wondering if that's because they haven't been sent yet, or because i simply haven't received mine.


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