March 14, 2013

Salut, Kim!

Kim is another new-to-me Christchurch blogger who has decided to come along and meet us all. I love that she has a mystery blog set to release in April but in the mean time pop over and say hi at :o)


My name is: Kim or sometimes Kimberment (it's French)

Where do you live? Under a small pile of colourful cushions and blankets.

What are 5 words that describe your blog? My current blog Sew La Tea: Homemade, DIY, experimental, creative and crafty. However I am working on a shiny new blog set for an April 1st release. I describe it: Luscious lifestyle magazine of inspiration for Lemmings

Why did you decide to come to this get together? My friend and Not Socks work colleague Rachel (Just a lit bit cute) told me about it and it sounded like a fab opportunity to meet more like-minded, creative people.

What do you most hope to take away from the weekend? I plan to steal everyone's ideas and do them better. To make new friends, and to collect tricks n tips for my blog ;)

What is your biggest hurdle to coming? Tearing myself away from my new computer

Do you know any of the other bloggers who are coming? Yes! (See above)

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? Very much an introvert. But with a little encouragement I go a long way.

If you were to participate in a reality TV show or competition TV show – what would it be? And why? Either a hilarious Japanese game show where I get covered with goo and whipped cream and stuff - or I would like to go on Beauty and the Geek as an undercover Beauty. I would pretend I was really air-headed until the end of the show where it was revealed I had a PHD in Microbiological Sciences or Genetics or something. (Not that I do, mind - I read English and Linguistics)

Have you been to Christchurch before? (unless you live here of course!) I visited once on the day I was born. Then I came and went as I grew older and felt the need to explore. But it is where I currently call home.


  1. Yay- another English and Linguistics lover! My husband always looks at me with a funny expression when I talk to him about linguistical things. Can't wait to meet you Kim!

  2. looking forward to saying Hi in real life! :o)

  3. Be warned Lauren - I'm not that good at linguistics! Ha ha

  4. You sound like a hoot - looking forward to meeting you Kim!


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