March 26, 2013

Jess and What She's Like

Jess is one of those people I'm just convinced is a super encouraging person who is easy to make laugh. I haven't met her in real life but I guess we'll all know if I was right in April! Do pop over and make yourself known. She blogs at


My name is Jess. (Blog name: Just Ordinary Us

Where do you live?
Hamilton. We get a lot of flak from around the country, but I just love my humble wee city!

What are 5 words that describe your blog? Oooh, ummm… ordinary, honest chats about life.

Why did you decide to come to this get together? Mostly to meet the wonderful people I have met through occupying my little corner of the internet. It will be lovely to be surrounded by other bloggers and be ‘normal’ – instead of the strange looks I usually get when I mention that I like to blog!

What do you most hope to take away from the weekend? Wonderful real life friendships from the wonderful online ones I have now, lots of hugs and love and warm fuzzies, and some mad new blogging design skills from the cool workshops planned!

What is your biggest hurdle to coming? Honestly, money was a bit of a hump to overcome, but we figured it out, and convincing my husband that he could survive a weekend with the kids!

Do you know any of the other bloggers who are coming? I am good friends with Talia (of Talia Christine), who is the only other blogger I know in real life. My online buddies include Miriam, Sophie, Holly and Kelly plus a whole bunch of others who I’ve commented back and forth with and am really looking forward to meeting!

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? That’s a hard one, I think extrovert, in the sense that I love to be with people, rather than by myself. However, I am really, really shy and a bit sensitive so I often find it difficult in situations with lots of new people, but someone who knows me will look at me strangely (that happens a lot…) if I say that I am a shy person, because if I’m comfortable with you I will be Out There!

If you were to participate in a reality TV show or competition TV show – what would it be? And why? I know I’d just make a fool of myself on live TV, and my husband and I have both agreed that we would kill each other if we tried to do any sort of Amazing Race or DIY show together, so my pick would be the show where my husband gangs up with a team of designers to make over our house! That, or have Gok Wan come to my house, make me feel beautiful, then take me shopping for a new wardrobe. Yeah, that one.

Have you been to Christchurch before? (unless you live here of course!) Yes, a couple of times, lucky me! Only in its post-quake glory, but I still see your beauty Christchurch! We have some family there too.


  1. Aw, shucks Miriam! *blushes* I'm so looking forward to The Weekend!

    1. so looking forward to hosting you xxxx

  2. I can't wait to meet you in 'real life' too Jess! xo

  3. See you soon Jess! Even though i'm not a hugger, i'm looking forward to that hug you've warned me about ;) x

  4. Oh I know all about those strange 'what's a blogger' looks!
    Can't wait to meet you Jess!!

  5. Cant wait to meet you Jess!

  6. Yay Hamilton blogger!! Can't wait to meet you!


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