March 06, 2013

Hello, Hello Talia

Talia is one of our speakers - she and Meghan will be heading up your opportunity to pimp your blog. Talia's photos have a magical quality and she also does professional blog makeovers. Check out her blog for some visual therapy and say hi. :O)


My name - Talia Christine

My blog address is

How long have you been blogging for? Since May 2008! A quick look at my archives will show you my blog has grown and changed SO MUCH since then!

What on earth made you say yes to speaking/answering questions at this event? BECAUSE I LOVE THIS BLOGGING COMMUNITY! I love you guys. Seriously. So much. You guys are the best. If I can give one tiny thing back to this community, YOU KNOW I WILL!

How do you feel about meeting new people? Haha, I'm always a bit nervous at first to meet new people. I'm quite shy by nature I think. But then I realize how rich my life is made by meeting new people and I dive right into new friendships.

What is the best thing about blogging? The community and support and love. I sound like a hippie (which I kind of am? Sorta?) but I really mean it. The sharing and support is so beautiful and encouraging.

Please choose 5 words to describe your blog: DIY, recipes, everyday, rubbish-writing.

How do you spend your days in real-life? I call it baby wrangling, but really it's toddler wrangling now isn't it? Wiping hands, kissing war-wounds, brushing hair, feeding, cleaning, vacuuming (I'm obsessed. I have the coolest vacuum), fretting over dinner, forgetting to do the laundry, planning blog posts, and designing. It sounds exhausting (and it is) but I love it.

What is one thing you’d like to change about yourself? One thing I'd like to change, AND AM CHANGING, is that sometimes I let fear completely take over my life. I'm a total worrier and it's numbing. I'm slowly overcoming worry and not letting it take over my life. Fear has no place here! I'd change myself so that I wouldn't be a worrier. That or my chicken legs. I have some serious chicken legs. ;)

What is one thing you love about meeting bloggers or reading blogs? The instant connection! We may or may not have much in common, but it's easy to get to know people via their blogs and feel connected. I love that. I've become friends with some really lovely people I would otherwise never have met.

What is something you are really proud of? I'm proud of my technical background! I spent three years working with an IT hosting company in technical support where I worked as a Linux System Administrator. You wouldn't know it, but I'm a major nerd. I can seriously geek out. And I'm proud of that. ALSO, I'm insanely proud of my husband and daughter. I scored big time, folks.

One blog post you love? Recent blog post - My daughter crying because she wanted to eat veggies. I repeat, she WANTED to eat veggies. I love her.

All time - I'd say anything with Audrey in it, haha. I'm pretty wild about her, you see. So I'd start with the beginning with her birth story - 

Otherwise, I have lots of cool recipes on the blog that I love sharing. I'm particularly proud of my refried beans ;)


  1. Hi Talia! *waves* Looking forward to meeting you x

  2. such a great read Talia - so looking forward to your company xx

  3. So interesting to read about all you lovely ladies! cant wait to meet you Talia!


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