March 15, 2013

A Great Opportunity!

Penny Scallan and Stuck On You are looking for 10 bloggers each to review and give away products on their blogs!

The most creative review for each company, as decided by both companies, will be awarded a $250 cheque EACH, along with $250 worth of vouchers to give away to their blog audience! Winners will be presented at Around The Table on the 12th April 2013.
Please view the terms and conditions to understand what is required

20 bloggers in total will be chosen by the Bloggers Connecting team by 5pm, Monday 18th March 2013. Your details will be forwarded onto Penny Scallan and Stuck On You on Monday who will then arrange to have products sent to you to review!

To be considered for this opportunity please leave a comment on this post or email with
1) Your blog and email address
2) Something funny or interesting about your kids!
3) Your kids names (for personalised products), genders and ages.
4) The top 3 products from either range that you would choose to review!


  1. Just emailed my answers in I'd love to receive some of these exciting products!

  2. whoop whoop that would be so awesome! My blog is and my email address is, something about my kids: they'd play together all day if they could.. they're best friends! I keep on having to break it to them(again and again) that they can't marry each other! My kids are Madeline(7, girl), Lewis(5, boy), and Frida-Rose(5mths, girl. My top 3 from Penny Scallan would be the clipboards, the beanbag(looks great for movie nights) and the aprons(my boy loves cooking), and top 3 from Stuck on You would be the dog tags(my 2 oldest are ASD and tend to wander...), the family planners, and the bibs.

  3. Oh yes please I'm keen as beans! I love Penny Scallan designs and have had my eye on a few products lately!

    1) and

    2) My most favourite recent quote from the kids that cracked me up was when my older daughter was tale-telling on her younger sister and it went something like this
    "MUUUUUUUUUUMMMM! Ruby is going through your bag and using your armpit hairspray!!!"
    yeah. It was my spray deodorant. and I do shave my pits incase you're worried...
    definitely amused a few peeps on facebook that night thats for sure ;)

    3) My three youngest are Noah 11, Gabrielle 8, Ruby 6.

    4) *I'm desperate for a good quality swim bag (or 3!) and really did the Penny Scallan coated drawstring ones. Pak n save bags just arent cutting the mustard anymore.
    *Also the russian doll backpack is a fave after the dog ate Gabrielle's Justin Bieber bag (secretly thankyou doggy)

    *Love Penny Scallan tote bags too, a girl with 4 kids can never have enough bags. true story.

    awesome opportunity guys! Thanks :)

    1. *DIG Penny Scallan swimbags not did.

  4. just emailed my answers through, what a great opportunity!

  5. Oooh I would love this opportunity!

    My blog is and my email is

    2) I have two boys, three years old and eight months old. My eldest son loves to pretend to be a dinosaur, and every time I say "oh, there's a scary dinosaur in here" he comes up and gives me a big hug, and says, "it's just me mum!". My eight month old is pretty cheeky and loves to grab my hair. He has just discovered that he can blow raspberries very loudly!

    3) Lucas is the three year old boy, and Adam is the eight month old boy.

    4) From Penny Scallan I would choose to review the Big City Kinder pack for Lucas as he has just started kindy, the bibs for Adam who is loving his solids, and would also love to try out the Movie Star Bag for my niece as she is having her birthday soon and I think she would love it! From Stuck On You I would love to try the Stars and Stripes wall art for Adam's room as we have just painted his walls and they look a bit bare now, the 0-5 value pack in Dinosaur with Godzilla font for Lucas' kindy items (I desperately need the iron on clothing labels!) and the Personalised Jumbo Learning Book for Lucas as well, since he loves to colour in and learn visually.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Wowie - Better write an email!

  7. I'm probably far too late for this but I'll try anyway...

    2) my son LOVES walking around with a bucket on his head (I have video proof)
    3) Levi Jack Bruce, male, 20 months old
    4) Bean bag, collectable box, wooden number puzzle,

  8. I'd be surprised if I'm not too late, but....

    2: Ian's reaction to new clothes is really, really happy! I'd say he loves new clothes even more than toys.
    3: George Thomas Crosbie, male, 10 years; Ian Charles Crosbie, male 8 years
    4:Stuck On You: Cute Laundry Hamper, Toiletry Bag or Library Bag.


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