February 22, 2013

Why Christchurch is Awesome

I know today is a big day for Christchurch and maybe some of you are secretly bricking your knickers about coming here so this is a big shout out to the awesomeness of Christchurch and a hearty warm and toilet-flushing welcome to y'all!!!

Our family (The Atlas, our 12 week old and myself) moved to Christchurch in 2006. Of any city I have ever lived in it is the friendliest. People here are warm and open and it's easy to strike up conversations.

Christchurch is arty - it's full of creative people who genuinely embrace their surroundings and fill them with creative goodness. Point in fact - felt (NZ's artisan sellers and buyers website) was started here, our city is full and getting fuller of cool temporary and permanent street art, it hosts several creative tertiary venues. As well as this we host a large number of festivals every year - the buskers festival, the summer times festival, the jazz and blues festival, the Ellerslie flower show, free outdoor theatre.... we have one of NZ's most successful professional theatre companies.

For the crafters we also boast an amazing selection of fabric and craft shops.... seriously, from the boutique to the bargain - it has done no good for my fabric buying habits......

When you come we hope you will see some of the art and feel the sense of community that beats so strongly in Christchurch.

We also have a strong market scene - craft, farmers, general - all here, all thriving.

And for those a little shallower in their pleasures we have several very good artisan chocolate makers.....I can attest to their good tastes, ahem!

In terms of geography flying in to Canterbury is absolutely stunning the alps in snow-capped glory soar along the flat , patchwork of the plains.

I have never lived anywhere else in New Zealand with such beautiful seasonal changes - I am really thrilled you'll be coming in autumn. Have your cameras ready for true autumn colours and blue, blue skies.

Our cafes are amazing, our op-shops and boutique shops are also pretty incredible too. (If you are a mall-rat we also have HEAPS of these too).

Christchurch's water supply is also in the top 2 world wide of city water supplies. Our water is so good that I get headaches from Wellington water now because of the chemicals. Christchurch water comes directly to us from an underground aquifer and is totally pure and untreated.

Aside from all this the Christchurch bloggers are an incredibly diverse, friendly, talented, enthusiastic bunch of women. It is impossible not to love them.

We are SO looking forward to sharing with you this city that we love so much - despite it's current imperfections - it is a great place.

Miriam xx


  1. Great post Miriam! I LOVE CHRISTCHURCH! So excited to have bloggers from around the country visit our beautiful, creative, friendly city! <3

  2. You need to get a job in tourism. That is a great post, and I wish I could make the trip to meet you all. I will be thinking of you, Christchurch, as I have for most of today (for obvious reasons), and look forward to hearing all about the Bloggers' weekend.

  3. I have never ever been to Christchurch and just can't wait!


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