February 07, 2013

Say Hello Sophie

Sophie is going to be one of our speakers at Around The Table. She is also one of our lovely Christchurch blogging family and the mastermind behind The Sisterhood. (Her Day of Kindness is coming up on 16th of Feb if you are looking for an opportunity to take part in a Random Act of Kindness or 3)

She's also on the team hard at work to make your experience at A.T.T even more wonderful...


My name: Sophie LM (Sophie Slim)

My blog address: www.sophieslim.co.nz

How long have you been blogging for? Since 2009 (4 years, on different platforms)

What on earth made you say yes to speaking/answering questions at this event? Give me a mic and I'm there! No but seriously, I'll be doing a practical workshop on blog advertising, something I feel very passionate. I feel like everything I've learnt so far has been from scratch and would love the opportunity to share whats going on in the blog advertising world!

How do you feel about meeting new people? I love meeting new people and can't wait to meet so many lovelies at the Bloggers Weekend. Deep down I'll be so nervous and sick to my stomach but I wont let you see that ;)

What is the best thing about blogging? I love using blogging to create markers in my life, I can look back or remember particular events, feelings or moments because of particular blog posts!

Please choose 5 words to describe your blog: Yarn, hooks, colour, babies & love! Hey, thats my tagline, 5 words. Perfect!

How do you spend your days in real-life? My days are consumed with adventuring with my 1.5 year old toddler (and newest baby still in my belly!). We go to parks, shops and fun places around Christchurch. To be honest I spend A LOT of time at my computer which can be really frustrating. Along with my blog (which actually takes a lot of time just in itself) I also run The Sisterhood and do various things for my church. PHEW.

What is one thing you’d like to change about yourself? I wish I was more efficient with my time. I find myself wasting a lot of time and then regretting it later! Imagine if I was 97% productive! Whoa Mama!

What is one thing you love about meeting bloggers or reading blogs? Can I tell you a secret? I actually love blogging. Seriously. It consumes a lot of my life (I think i've already said that!? Sorry!). I love meeting bloggers because I feel like they -get- me. I feel like its okay to go on and on about buttons, editing, comments, design etc etc. I especially love our group of Christchurch bloggers. They are such awesome ladies and I consider it a privilege to know them!

What is something you are really proud of? Every week I get a kick out of seeing my grocery bill. I am able to feed, nappy and buy the toiletries for our family for $90 a week. Booyah.

One blog post you love - I've recently started a "my story" journey on my blog, every friday I blog about a different moment from my relationship with my husband, MrMoo. I'm trying to practice writing more creatively, and its so fun to recall different moments in our story and record them!

I also had a lot of fun with a recent "Iced-Chocolate disaster". I discovered I've not the only one who cares about iced-chocs! http://www.sophieslim.co.nz/2013/01/avoid-iced-chocolate-disaster-on-date.html


Pop over and give Sophie some of your love ..... :o)


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