February 20, 2013

Hi There Meghan

Host of the Things I'm Loving Friday linky Meghan is also co-hosting one of our workshops with Talia.

Meghan is one of those bloggers who you can tell has a hugely generous heart just by reading her blog. Let's get to know her some more :o)


My name: Meghan Maloney

My blog address: MNM’s (meghanandmark.blogspot.com)

How long have you been blogging for? About 6 years (but seriously for about 3).

What on earth made you say yes to speaking/answering questions at this event? I was so surprised I got asked that I said yes without even thinking about it – silly me! I definitely don’t profess to be an expert (AT ALL!) in blogging but if there’s any tips I’ve learnt along the way that can help any else out then it’s worth sharing right?!

How do you feel about meeting new people? Always nervous but afterwards I love that I met them.

What is the best thing about blogging? Just one thing?! Part of it is the awesome people you get to meet, but I also love the creativity that flows from sitting down to write, I love the opportunity to turn random thoughts and photos into (hopefully!) something of beauty that I and others will enjoy.

Please choose 5 words to describe your blog: Family adventures, creativity, photography, real life, faith.

How do you spend your days in real-life? Juggling being a mama to 2 fabulous boys with full-time work as a Financial Controller.

What is one thing you’d like to change about yourself? Just one?! Ha ha. Yeah, probably best not to answer that one.

What is one thing you love about meeting bloggers or reading blogs? Meeting bloggers is just the coolest – it’s like catching up with an old friend - you feel as if you already know them so well already despite having never actually met.

With reading blogs, I love the ability build friendships despite the limitations of distances and time zones. I also love how much more creative I’ve become in my own life as a result of seeing all the creativity that’s out there in cyberspace.

What is something you are really proud of? Being a mama to my boys, but also managing to study and achieve my Chartered Accountant qualification studying part-time whilst working full-time and being a mother too!

One blog post you love: It’s so hard to pick one! So if I limit it to just last year, one of my favourite posts was the Craziest Colour Party Ever http://meghanandmark.blogspot.co.nz/2012/10/the-craziest-colour-party-ever.html about my 3-year old’s birthday party. Otherwise, it’d probably be any one of our family.


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