February 28, 2013

Fridays plans

Its been awesome to see everything fall into place.

The Craft Love Festival now has a venue and applications coming in. Whoo!!

Friday April 12th 2013
6pm - 9pm
Mairehau High School
An evening of fun and frivolity to celebrate the very best of Canterbury’s indie design and craft community. Artisan’s who craft, bake and create will have their wares available to purchase. Support the business behind Canterbury’s families!

Wear your favourite ‘Love’ or ‘Heart’ inspired pieces for a chance to win a spot prize, after all this festival is all about celebrating the love that goes behind bringing a craft business to life!

Many of the bloggers who can make it will be at the Craft Love Festival from 6pm till 7.30pm. This should give us all plenty of time to check out the stalls, and be a part of this awesome Festival. Miriam's house will be available from 7.30pm and you are more than welcome to stay for supper, hang out and chat.

For those who are unable to make it to the Craft Love Festival and Miriam's house we are so excited to meet you bright and early Saturday Morning at 10am- South Learning Centre.


  1. Fab! I will be attending the festival and supper at Miriams! :)


  2. Hurrah - I'll be there for the festival and supper too. Great job team!

  3. Fun :0) can't wait to meet everyone :0)


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