January 30, 2013

Well Hello There!

It's great to see the registrations flowing in! We thought it would be fun to get to know each other a bit before we all arrive in April. Hopefully I'll be posting a couple of these each week if y'all get back to me!!

Remember there is a Look Who's Coming page as well so you can have a wee blog stalk. (in a totally appropriate way of course)

There is still lots going on behind the scenes......

But without further ado I'd like to introduce one of our lovely bloggers coming. Simone will be on our question and answer panel and she will also be presenting one of the workshops with Sophie and possibly another person...... (don't you love a little mystery!!)

Here are her answers to the questions I sent her.


My name: Simone Graham

My blog address: http://greatfun4kidsblog.com

How long have you been blogging for? Four and a half Years (Since mid 2008)

What on earth made you say yes to speaking/answering questions at this event? Why WOULDN'T I??? I love to encourage other bloggers and share what I've learnt along the way

How do you feel about meeting new people? Er, slightly nervous, usually. I'm secretly an introvert. But when it comes to BLOGGERS, well, the nervousness vanishes much faster because of all the things we have in common

What is the best thing about blogging? The connections and friendships you make which span across the miles (and the affirmation you get from those who take the time to comment or email you when something you've shared touches a button)

Please choose 5 words to describe your blog: fun, colourful, creative, honest, real

How do you spend your days in real-life? Every day is different. Some days i have my four year old home with me; I host a playgroup at my house, try to keep on top of the domestic chores (gah) but sneak in every minute i can writing/blogging/designing stuff on Photoshop (printables, invitations, blog buttons etc). I run a little Etsy shop selling my party invitations. I spend far too many hours planning parties. I spend even more time devouring books by the truckload... I visit my therapist once a week... and do hardly any exercise at all. Which MUST change this year. Really.

What is one thing you’d like to change about yourself? My laziness. Really I have a very active creative mind which is at odds with a very lethargic apathetic body. I would wish for more energy to do exercise, so i could keep up with my three very active kids.

What is one thing you love about meeting bloggers or reading blogs? I love that if you love the blog you will most likely love the blogger. Every time I've met one of my favourite bloggers in real life, I've felt almost immediately like I'm chatting with an old friend. I have yet to be disappointed. I love that blogging lets you go deeper faster with people. I think my blog friends know more about me than some of my real life friends do (unless they read my blog!)

What is something you are really proud of? I wrote a Christmas story for my kids last year, and this Christmas it was chosen by the St Pauls Media team to be made into the short film for Glow (Carols by Glowstick at Vector Arena). It went up on YouTube and the response has been really amazing. So many positive comments about it from all over the world and nearly 200,000 hits within two weeks.

One blog post you love - How can i choose just one? I'll have to go with a party post, my favourite party so far - My little guy's fourth Birthday Peter Pan Party: http://www.greatfun4kidsblog.com/2012/04/perfect-peter-pan-party.html

Oh and another fun blog post, one of my faves: Frequently Asked Questions (for When I'm famous)... http://www.greatfun4kidsblog.com/2011/11/frequently-asked-questions-for-when-im.html


I do love a person who can't pick one even when asked - makes me feel understood!!


  1. Its great to know more about you before I meet you!

  2. Carols by Glowstick was awesome and your story perfectly gorgeous :)


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