January 10, 2013

We Are Doing It!

Getting together that is.... not the other kind!

This is your invite to attend 'Around the Table - Bloggers Connecting'
April 12-14th 2013

This is a chance to make authentic and meaningful connections with other bloggers. A chance to ask some of those prickly questions and maybe a chance to up-skill a little bit.

Mainly it's an invitation to laugh, relate, eat, relax and be with other NZ women bloggers in a relaxed environment.

We can't promise you'll learn something new, we can't promise it will change your life, we can't promise you'll even love it - although we hope all those things will happen -

but we can promise we are putting our hearts, souls and energy into trying to create a
warm (the welcome not the weather!)
and 'I get that you blog'

kind of weekend.

We can also promise that Christchurch is stunningly beautiful in Autumn.

Will you join us???

There is space for 60.

More info coming soon on how to register, who else is coming and what you can expect.

Save the date!


  1. Yay, you guys are awesome!

  2. FAB. I am just hoping I can make it - soooo close to my baby'3 fifth birthday.... will have to make the party the weekend AFTER cos I don't wanna miss this!

  3. Ohhhh - my baby turns 1 on the 12th, and we've booked his party that weekend :-(... bummer!

  4. wohoo to those that can make it and bummer Elizabeth..... '
    so looking forward to meeting some of you wonderful ladies!

  5. Just up the road...I'm there!! So exciting xx

  6. Really hoping I can make this - it sounds awesome :-)

  7. I am def in! Is it 100% dates confirmed? Can I book flights? Excited x


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