January 20, 2013

Excited and Thankful

We're so excited about this event and the enthusiasm so many of you have already indicated!

Tonight we just wanted to do a big shout out to all of you (near and far) who have emailed or commented or facebooked your support and to those who have offered their support, expertise and prizes.

Please know these give us great hope and do be aware we might well contact you and take you up on your offer.

Right from the get go our intention in organising this has been about providing a platform for you to make meaningful connections with other bloggers and to be validated and encouraged as a blogger. We can't wait to meet those that can come.

Registration opens on Thursday!!! 9am......4 more sleeps to go :o)

Terms and conditions and conference info are up for you to have a look at



  1. Go the Committee - you guys are doing a great job :)

  2. You are all amazing - the overview and T&C look so professional.

  3. You ladies are doing an awesome job! I am so hoping all my ducks will line up and I can make it down - don't want to miss what sounds like an awesome weekend!

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