June 19, 2013

Blog befores and afters

Miriam's post after the bloggers weekend was very true for many when she said in this post  "I think I may be correct in saying that many of us are camping at 'meh' (also known as 'blah') about our blogs just now. So I wanted to say - you are not alone"

Some bloggers made changes - both visually and content-wise and some of us are still in 'meh'

Maria had a great idea. How about we see what changes people have/haven't made after the bloggers connecting weekend.

We have added to the header on the blog next to the Contact page - Blog before and Afters. Enjoy having a looksy at what others have done with the awesome before and after shots of their blogs!

June 04, 2013

The Good News

As you may have realised we ran the Bloggers Connecting get together on a shoe string budget. Everything we could do ourselves we did and what we couldn't we didn't ... or we shopped around and did as cheaply as possible.

and at the end we had money left over!! Can you believe that?

I put it down to the genius and administrative skills of Juliet and Treena and the fact I'm as cheap as they come (in a slow to part with money rather than a quick to part with morals kind of way)

so all this meant we could refund the registration fees for all our lovely speakers.... SO thrilled to be able to do this and so appreciative they were all willing to come anyway.

So here's to tight budgets and even tighter onesies!

The lovely Maria is planning to put together a wee before and after selection on how things have changed for you since the get together so watch out for an email coming your way.

May 15, 2013

Next Stop Meh

Hi Lovelies I had one thing to tell you but then I decided to turn it into a far less interesting and longer post - you know because I like to work to my skill set :o)

So we came to Around the Table. We got a name badge (or 3), we made new friends, we got our people fix for about 3 months (depending which side of the extrovert coin we live on), we learnt new things, we talked blogging....

we were inspired

next stop - MEH

I think I may be correct in saying that many of us are camping at 'meh' (also known as 'blah') about our blogs just now. So I wanted to say - you are not alone.

All those skills you were racing home to use just seem like a great big obligation staring out at you from their neglected eyebrows?? Yeah me too.

Plans to go pro and make it beautiful turned to questions like 'seriously I don't even have anything tedious to say - it's just a big well of no ideas'.... see we understand each other

of course the fact that many of us are 'glamping' at meh doesn't make it feel any less tiresome when we can't even be bothered to get enthusiastic about our reading list

here's my top tips while at meh:

  • get some fresh air
  • watch something new on TV
  • go to a cafe and talk to someone real (and try to take a photo of someone without them realising, especially if they are picking their nose - harder for large camera users I realise)
  • and if all else fails ban yourself from blogging until the desire to read and write keeps you awake at night and then write something that seems deep and profound at 1am but just turns out to be strange and badly spelled at 10.30am the next day
as you can see I am of no help at all

I find chocolate and marshmallows a very good cure all to many problems 

I'll be back some other time with the news (maybe in 5 minutes - it depends how the mood takes me)

I'm sure before we all know it we will have moved from meh to marvellous darling xxxx

Peace out  - love you more than a pink pascall marshmallow filled with Green and Blacks dark chocolate - yes I really do xxxxx

April 18, 2013

Linky Dinky Do

So my lovelies - what did you think?

This is the place to link up all your posts about Around the Table - the good, the bad, the onesies..... or maybe just the good???  actually go for it girlies - bring it!

Just wanted to say a personal shout out to all of you. It was SO much fun to meet you. I almost chatted with everyone and I'm gutted for the ones I missed sharing a conversation with :o(

Some other links for you -

Techy Issues Workshop Blog - for those who took (and didn't) the techy issues workshop you can find it all here.

Panel members favourite blogs...ahem....the ones I have been sent!

Retro Mummy: www.retromummy.com
Green Valley Crafts: http://greenvalleycrafts.blogspot.com

The Harridan: http://theharridan.wordpress.com/

Deb and Simone feel free to leave a comment of your favs and I will upload them too

Edited to add:

Block-a-Day: http://blockaday.com/ 

Maxabella Loves: http://maxabellaloves.blogspot.co.nz/

Loving you all and SO grateful for your awesome presence on the weekend - hope you all feel like you got what you came for (and maybe some extra on the side - in an appropriate okay-for-married/proper-ladies way!!)

Whoop the bloggers!!!! Miriam xxxxx

April 14, 2013

We Love Bloggers


It was GOOD

You were amazing - you were friendly, you were brave, you were inclusive

You said yes when we made you make name badges, when we told you to sit with a stranger, when we sent you around to unknown places

Some of you danced with me on the dance-o-mat!!!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and for making this weekend A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

Thanks for doing NZ Bloggers Proud

We'll put together a linky post later in the week so please make sure you come back and link in your posts so people can share. We'll also set up a drop box for sharing photos too (please, please I didn't take any!!).

You are beautiful women it was a pleasure to share time with every one of you.

We love you - Sophie, Juliet, Treena-Marie and Miriam


April 11, 2013

Twas The Night Before the Get Together...

and all around my place 
the surfaces were shining thanks to Widgy - she's ace!

new sheets were put all neatly on beds 
where bloggers I'm billeting would soon rest their heads 

the baking is tempting me to try it all 
the team are all hoping you will have a ball 

visions of alarms set-off raced round in my head 
as I do a final tidy before going to bed 

all round the country bloggers are packing their bags 
and will wave their goodbyes to strung-out looking dads 

some had bought onesies and some a new dress 
and the billeters all hope you'll over-look their mess 

the goodie bags wait all sweet in a row 
piled high in Sophie's car boot, all good to go 

spot prizes wrapped and stacked up just beside 
and bloggers reminded if they had promised some rides 

alarms being set for the early fliers 
and checking of petrol for those coming on tyres 

fun, friends and laughter we hope to achieve 
and a new excitement for blogging in which to believe 

so pack in your name tag, your gift, something warm 
and bring your most friendly, blogger-meeting form 

we'll see you tomorrow our bloggers, our friends 
and here's to a wonderful, fun-filled weekend

Hi Vanessa!

Vanessa is our 11th hour participant. She heard about the get together a couple of days ago and after a gentle nudge decided to join in. She's another of the Auckland bloggers but hasn't met any of us. Do give her a friendly hi. :o)



My name is Vanessa Rehm

Where do you live? Mangere Bridge, Auckland

What are 5 words that describe your blog? Food, Baking, Craft, Kids, Love

Why did you decide to come to this get together? I have read about similar get togethers overseas and was so excited at the opportunity to attend something similar in NZ and to meet some of the women whose blogs I follow and admire.

What do you most hope to take away from the weekend? New friendships, ideas about how to grow my blog and inspiration from a raft of incredible people.

What is your biggest hurdle to coming? Who is going to look after my kids while I’m gone.

Do you know any of the other bloggers who are coming? I know of one who I have “met” online recently, but no one personally – yet!

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? Hmmm a bit of both.

If you were to participate in a reality TV show or competition TV show – what would it be? And why? NZ’s Hottest Home Baker. I love love love to bake. Simple!

Have you been to Christchurch before? (unless you live here of course!) I was born in Christchurch and actually attended Mairehau Primary School so to be returning to my old hood feels wonderful and surreal. My family moved from Christchurch when I was 11 but I’ve returned many times over the years to visit family.